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Operating Principles


Board Members and Advisory Board Members are responsible for the identification of beneficiaries and/or projects possibly qualifying for support by Horizon. In principle, the Foundation is not open to requests for support of the activities of third parties.


For efficiency reasons and in view of our limited resources, Horizon supports activities in a limited number of countries/regions only. Moreover, for compliance reasons and to minimize the risk of non properly executed projects, the Foundation aims to establish multi-year relationships with a limited number of ‘Regular’ Beneficiaries. All beneficiaries are assigned a sponsor who is always a member of the Horizon (Advisory) Board.


The majority of our projects have a term of one year at maximum. ‘Regular’ beneficiaries are allowed to present new requests for support on an annual basis after consulting their sponsor on workplans, budgets, etc. Requests for general support, i.e. periodically recurring exploitation subsidies, are usually extended on a yearly basis but must still be formally requested every year. All projects are to be presented to the full board for final decision making.

Project execution

The recipient of financial support is responsible for the (timely) execution of a project selected, approved and financed by the Foundation. Horizon is involved in the execution of its projects by exception only.