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Governance & Organization

Stichting Horizon, a Dutch foundation, was founded on 28 January 1997. The foundation is based in Naarden, The Netherlands, and shares its premises with a family foundation.

The Foundation is governed by three documents:
– Articles of Association (as amended on 20 June 2017)
– Regulations of the Board of Stichting Horizon (as adopted on 1 December 2018)
– Strategy Stichting Horizon (as updated on 1 March 2016)

The foundation does not aim to make any profits. (Article 2, Articles of Association)

Henk G. Lubberdink, Chairman
Jeremy C.P. Amos
Alexander R. Amos
Stefan W.G. Henle
Pamela Veder

Advisory Board
Alexander R. Amos, Chairman
India I.C. Davison
Jan W. Haas
Felix B. Henle
Paola K. Henle
Ginka Tscholakowa-Henle

Geraldine Leegwater, Secretary General
Nils Smit, Assistant Secretary

PricewaterhouseCoopers Accountants N.V.

Stichting Horizon is a member of the following organizations:
– Vereniging van Fondsen in Nederland- FIN (organization of foundations in The Netherlands), since 1997;
– Europa Nostra (Pan-European federation for Cultural Heritage), since 2009.

Remuneration Policies
Board members are entitled to a fee of € 256 for every (Board) meeting attended. The Chairman receives € 333 per meeting.
Members of the Advisory Board do not receive a remuneration from the Foundation for their activities.
All staff is employed by a family foundation.