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Fundraising & Cost structure


In the late 1990’s Horizon Foundation was capitalized by grants from a Dutch family foundation. Generally, the capital is invested in bank accounts, and securities and loans characterized by a low-risk profile. Today, all our activities are financed from income derived from this capital. Horizon does not aim to raise third party funds.
Income from investments is non restricted and is fully used to finance projects selected and approved by the Board, and to pay for modest operating expenses. In principle the annual budget is managed in such a manner that the financial reserves will not increase, leaving the foundation capital unchanged in nominal terms.

Cost structure

Expenditure is limited to the financing of projects and the payment of specific operating costs. The latter include attendance fees paid to Board members, travel and accommodation costs of the Secretary General and/or other staff, bank and investment costs, accounting and auditor expenses, and some smaller administrative costs. The combined operating costs are well below 10% of total income in any year.