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Report on Activities 2015


Meetings. In 2015 the Board met in Utrecht for its annual meeting on 9 May. The budget meeting was held in Amsterdam on 28 November.

Composition of the Board and the Advisory Board. In 2015 the composition of the Board and Advisory Board remained unchanged.

Strategy. In December 2012 the Board adopted a strategy plan for the period 2013-2016 which was most recently updated in March 2016. Later in 2016 a more fundamental review will be undertaken of which the results will be shared with the founding families of the Foundation in a meeting to be held in September 2017.

Website (www.horizonfoundation.nl). The content of the website is regularly updated. Reports received on projects completed and various documents governing the activities and organization of the Foundation are available to Board and Advisory Board members in a password protected section of the website.


The Balkans – a shared heritage.
On 17 March the exhibition ‘The Balkans – a shared heritage’ was opened in the office of the Director-General of UNESCO. To celebrate this special event, the Delegation of Bulgaria to UNESCO and Horizon jointly organized some well-attended festivities at the headquarters of this organization in Paris. Speakers at the opening ceremony included the Bulgarian Ambassador to UNESCO, a Horizon board member and project leader Ivo Hadjimishev. In 2016 follow-on exhibitions are planned in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (Skopje), in Bulgaria (Varna) and in the Russian Federation (Moscow and Saint Petersburg). Another exhibition will be organized in Albania (Tirana) in 2017.


Horizon has assigned all projects to individual Board Members who serve as their personal sponsor and as principal point of contact. The Office is responsible for contacts with beneficiaries regarding operational matters.

Romania. The projects in Transylvania were visited three times. The program of these journeys included meetings with the staff of the Mihai Eminescu Trust and the villagers, the inspection of projects in progress and discussions on reporting requirements. Horizon is regularly requested to support initiatives that may help this beneficiary to strengthen internal teambuilding or may be beneficial to the further development of its medium/long term strategy including the setting of priorities and the design of a long term funding plan. Moreover, Horizon occasionally sponsors projects aiming to establish or to improve good working relationships with the village communities.
Bulgaria. A visit was made to Sofia for discussions with archaeologists Daniela Agre and Stefanka Ivanova and other Bulgarian beneficiaries to discuss their current activities and plans for 2016. During a visit to Strandja a professional video of ca 10 minutes was made on an excavation project near Knyajevo. The short movie clearly shows the progress made on the excavation of the impressive palace of a Thracian ruler in this East-Bulgarian village.
Switzerland/Latin America. The traditional semi-annual meetings of the management of Traditions pour Demain with the Horizon sponsor and the Secretary General were held in Rolle (CH) in April and September. The discussions mainly focussed on progress of projects supported by Horizon and travel plans for 2016.
Georgia. In spring a meeting was held in Tbilisi. Special meetings were setup with the head of the Caucasian House’s finance department, the external auditor and the new legal advisors. In Autumn a second meeting took place in Berlin to evaluate the new organization structure and the funding proposals for 2016. It was agreed to evaluate the adequacy of the existing ICT infrastrucute by comparing the status quo to the configuration needed by the Caucasian House to implement its (social) media and communications strategy.


In 2015 the Board approved 23 applications for new projects up to an aggregate amount of € 509.914. The far greater majority of the applications (20) were submitted by existing beneficiaries in Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania and Latin America to finance an extension of an existing project or a new activity. As recommended by the Advisory Board, the Board decided to continue its support in 2015 to the International Chamber Music Festival in Zagreb, Croatia, and to approve two new projects in Germany (Duisburg and Düsseldorf).

The allocation of the 23 projects to the various geographical areas is as follows:

Georgia (6) € 130.000 ( 26%)
Bulgaria (3) € 64.444 ( 13%)
Romania (6) € 151.450 ( 30%)
Latin America (5) € 77.120 ( 15%)
Croatia(1) € 15.900 ( 3%)
€ 71.000 ( 14%)
Total: € 509.914 (101%)
Correction previous years
€ 7.791- ( -1%)
Total: € 502.223 (100%)

Incidentally regular Horizon beneficiaries receive some additional support to fund some smaller, one-off activities. The amount involved in 2015 was € 18.885. Furthermore, smaller donations were made to ten other organizations up to an aggregate amount of € 17.412. These payments include the traditional ‘petty gifts’, a small donation to a project of choice made at the instigation of individual (Advisory) Board Members.

An amount of € 49.828 was spent on the project Civilisations of the Balkan/’The Balkans – A shared Heritage’ of which the internal budget was approved in 2013.